Gifts So Good It Will Be Hard To Give Them Away!

About Us

Hello, I am Diana Broomfield, the founder of I have always been a helper of people. I like making folks feel better. I guess that’s why I chose Nursing as a career, but my helping doesn’t stop there. I have an Internet Radio Station,  WDGP Radiowhich supports Indie Artists with airplay, interviews and sharing of their videos, as well as providing advertising to support small and home based businesses.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, I love discussing business and helping others to get started. I am a blogger and you can read and follow me at Diana Broomfield’s Thoughts, where you can read my thoughts and feelings about life, being an entrepreneur and living the life I want. If your interested in affiliate marketing ventures, visit Own Your Domain  where you can find some companies to start with. I am also an author. I am writing an e-book series. The fist installment is, Winning Like A Boss, Make Power Moves By Developing A Power Mindset and is available on Kindle.  There is also a website companion to the e-book series.

Why Diana's Space?

As I stated previously, I enjoy making folks feel better. One way to do this is by gifts and surprises. I love finding unique items for gifts, home decor, and gadets. Over the years, I have been called a great gift and card giver. I like to give gifts that reflect the personality of the receiver. I put thought into the gift and search for cards that relay my message perfectly. It’s not something I practice, it’s all natural. Since I believe you should do what you love and be able to monetize it, I decided to share some unique items for purchase to give or keep for yourself. I hope you visit the site often. We will give you tips and more and inventory will change often. If you have a question, concern or suggestion, feel free to comment here or drop an email to